In 2018 I was on the set of Last Call filming the behind-the-scenes EPK footage. The fruits of that labour can be seen above in the Zacuto reel.
The film is a one-take feature film from Gavin Michael Booth. The trick of this one is that it's a split screen film taking place in real time, with both sides of the story filmed in a single take, and no, not a Birdman style "single take" with hidden edit - for this film to work, both cameras filmed in separate locations had to both work on the same take otherwise the split screen wouldn't line up.
Capturing what went into this endeavour was key, so I rigged up multiple GoPros to the Red Epics during rehearsals, did interviews with the key cast and crew, and filmed the many rehearsals during the prep period at both locations. Main run'n'gun cameras were a Sony FS5 and Sony A7R2, filming in 4K with Rokinon Cine DS primes.

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