The Baby Blue Canoe is an adaptation of the short horror story of the same name by Josh Saltzman, one of many in his Strange Yarns anthology written for Wattpad.
Baby Blue Canoe has its world premiere at the venerable Toronto After Dark 2018 festival, where it opens for Jen Wexler's slasher hit, The Ranger.
The production was done through Cinecoup's accelerator program, which meant creating mission videos during the competitive selection process. Further details can be found on the Wattpad/Cinecoup Strange Yarns site. The finalized short is currently in post-production, scheduled for release in 2018.
The budget for the shorts were a max of $6,000 CAD, so we kept the crew on this short creature-feature small and nimble for the one-day shoot in cottage country. The Baby Blue Canoe was filmed in 4K on anamorphic glass. Cast and crew list below, along with some behind-the-scenes shots.
Ellie Posadas as Margot (lead)
Arun Varma as Johnny (lead)
Chris Cruz as "other" Johnny (supporting)
Sabrina Spilotro as Katrina (supporting)
Carolyn Wu as Dana (supporting)
Ryan Couldrey - Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor
Sabrina Spilotro - Cinematographer
Nadya Hanlon - Sound Recordist
Megan Fraser - Prosthetic FX, Makeup and Hair
Margo Paige - Prosthetic FX, Makeup and Hair assist
Emily Gilhooley - AC, Grip and Gaffer
Althea Manasan - Set Photography
Kira Hall - Craft Services and P.A.

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