I'm a director, DP, and writer based in Toronto, Canada.
In late 2014 I produced, directed, DPd and edited Snow - Based on the Graphic Novel, and donated the film's earnings to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. A few months later I released Ink - Written by Hand, a short doc about handwriting that was watched 69,000+ times on Vimeo and featured by The Verge, the Globe and Mail, Design Taxi and the CBC. My latest directorial effort, a mock-doc called Farm is a Four-Letter Word,just wrapped up its festival run at the 2017 Canadian Film Fest in Toronto.
I'm working on a few new things at the moment, including stories a feature about a bullied girl in high school who bites back, a 6-year-old girl who pulls teeth for the Tooth Fairy, a wilderness creepypasta, a creature feature about misogyny in Hollywood, and other stuff. Let's chat, coffee's on me.
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