​​​​​​​A 3-minute horror short that's heavy on the practical fx with no After Effects, 'Skin Deep' was shot over two days on location in Toronto Made specifically for Rode Mics' #myrodereel competition, 'Skin Deep' is an absurdist parable about impossible beauty standards (served with a delicious croissant with just a smidgen of blood on it).
The film was Best FX at 6ix Screams, 2nd Best Overall at Port Horror, and was a finalist in the Rode Reel Best Visual FX category against 1650+ other films (and the only film in the finalists to go with fully practical effects).
Starring: Ali Chappell, Diana Chappell, and Steve Kasan
Director, Editor, Producer: Ryan Couldrey
Cinematographer, Producer: Sabrina Spilotro
Screenplay: Suri Parmar
SPFX Makeup Designer and Creator: Sara Feehan
Hair and Makeup FX Assistant: Ana Traudeth
Camera Assistant: Nyssa Glück
BTS Videographers: Rebecca Grenier and Suri Parmar
Music Licensing: Filmstro
Music Sweetening: Kevin Krouglow

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