Snow is a feature-length film adapted from the graphic novel of the same name. The entire film is embedded, for free, above. It tells the story of a changing Queen Street West neighbourhood in Toronto as experienced by DANA (Nina Iordanova). There are no romantic sub plots and no males leads starring opposite Dana.
Dana is a woman who doesn't deal well with confrontation. She likes her job, her friends, and the cozy comfort of her neighbourhood—Toronto's own Queen Street West. But when the world forces her to stand up, will she be able to handle it?​​​​​​​
The full feature is embedded below.
Snow was independently financed and produced by myself. I approached the graphic novelist about the idea in May of 2013 and by May of 2014 we'd hit picture lock. The film was released both for free (HD streaming) and as a paid video-on-demand package (with MANY extras) on on October 27, 2014.
Proceeds generated in 2014 will go towards a donation to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in Toronto. We didn't set out to make a profit from this film, and we know that the PMCF can do infinitely better things with whatever the film makes. 
I worked with a small but unbelievably dedicated cast and crew. I directed, lensed and edited the film, as well as the screenplay adaptation. Snow took a year to produce, from idea to public release, and had a budget of less than $5,000. 

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